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Font Family Set: Cartel Deux

We are sharing this beautiful font family set with lots of goodies as well by Firman Suci Ananda called: Cartel Deux. It’s a lovely typographic set with a script and serif style for your next display or title designs. Personally I am always being a bit too skeptical with script font because there is always some letters that you just aren’t happy about but this set is quite working out pretty well as a whole. Hope you will enjoy it as well.

Bellissima Script

Since the first time I saw this script font I fell in love, I don't know if it was because the 3D compositions with very subtle shadows or just because it's a beautifully done font. The thing is Bellissima is indeed a gorgeous script font and we had to feature here on Abduzeedo. While in the same vein and spirit as Burgues and Compendium, Bellissima began from an entirely different thread as those fonts. It started with Alex Trochut generously showing me a gorgeous lettering book from his grandfather's library: Bellezas de la Caligrafía, by Ramón Stirling, 1844.

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