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Worldwide Photography #9: Taipei

Worldwide Photography is a series of posts where every week we're going to show a city or location around the globe bringing the coolest photography samples of it. The photographs authors are all credited right above their pictures. Today feature: Taipei For the next week we're going to feature Venice, Italy, so if you want to send your submissions for the next Worldwide Photography, please tweet the tag #wwphoto and the link of the photo(s) on twitter. I'll be wainting for your submissions :) . iamtonyang fjny *dans *Yueh-Hua 2011 *dans/h3> kaiwaisheep naza1715 *dans terrosa Shanghai Sky Bonnetmaker LaTur ` Kai-Chu ? dajuin_ H.L.Tam Shanghai Sky king.f Jaako BoyBitch >michael oNkio Photo / sheaudih *dans congaragata MushiPhotography DilipBhoye Salvatore Capici Jaboney LifeInMacro ?Solar ikon? king.f _Zinni_ Willie Chen ????? ottoc. fimage 14983-2 BoazImages Kyle~ Lane #501 Dicky Chalmers Poagao leons171 !!stefan (SZ) MaxChu liver1223 Sunshine Junior HKmPUA

Beautiful HDR Photos by Kyle Merriman

Kyle Merriman is a photographer based in Taiwan, where he's been for the past 5 years, and he specializes in HDR photos. To promote his work Kyle started a site called BrandKnewMe, it started out as a project to keep family and friends in touch with his life half around the world. This site started as a platform for blogs, photos, and the videos to show to his family and friends what it’s like to be living in Taiwan. "Twelve hour time differences don’t make for easy communication so this allowed those back home to experience it as best they could" - says Kyle Merriman. For more information about Kyle visit his Web site at: or follow him on Twitter BrandKnewMe Below you can see some of his photos. HDR I’ve always been fascinated with music, design, photography and gadgets in general. Obsessed with wanting to learn as much as I could, and get my content easily to as many people as I could I started to dip into web design and photography more and more. Then, after purchasing my first Mac, it all began to really motivate me. A DSLR camera only added more fuel to the fire. Photography content came to the fore on the site so I felt something more akin to a portfolio rather than a standard blog of random thoughts would work best. Regular