Super Stylish Illustrations by Justin Mezzell

We are fan of vector illustrations, especially because of the clean lines and sometimes geometric shapes. Lately we've been noticing more and more designers experimenting with vectors mixed with textures. The cool thing about this is that it gives an incredible style to the illustrations, and when you add to that some super creative ideas you will probably have something similar to the work of Justin Mezzell. I am now a huge fan of Justin, his work is nothing less than amazing. It brings me back some sort of this retro/futuristic vibe.

Stylish Illustrations by Twistedfork

The first time we got in contact with Dan Matutina was while checking Dribbble. With an incredible style mixing vectors with textures and polygons, Dan has come up with a series of simply amazing illustrations, our favorites of course are the ones about video-games. I'm Dan Matutina, a designer and illustrator based in the Philippines. My illustration style is a mix of handmade & digital, clean & dirty, old & modern aesthetics.

Playing with Vectors in Pixelmator

One of the new features of Pixelmator 2 is the vector tools. You can create primitve shapes like rectangles, triangles, ellipses and edit them like in Illustrator or using paths in Photoshop. I decided to give it a try and create a poster using some impossible structures like Escher. So in this tutorial I will show you how to create a poster using the vector tool in Pixelmator mixed with some textures and basic painting tools. The whole process won't take you more than 45 minutes and I am sure you will like the outcome.

Colorful Illustrations by Roya Hamburger

Roya Hamburger is an illustrator from Amsterdam, Netherlands and since she was a child her favorite activity was drawing and she wanted to turn that talent into her profession. Starting as freelancer she created illustrations for magazines such as FNV and Flair, major magazines in Belgium.

Heart Collection by Luca Molnar

Luca Molnar is a graphic designer and illustrator from Hungary, who is currently furthering her studies at the Interactive Design Institute (University of Hertfordshire). She has worked as an illustrator since 2006, with her works being featured in magazines all over the world and she has worked for all kinds of companies. Luca Molnar has a style which no one else has in the world. Her designs are colourful, shiny, luscious and extremely detailed. She draws inspiration from all kinds of different cultures such as Egypt, India and South-America.

Stylish Artworks by Bradley Sharp

I was browsing around the web searching for my daily inspiration images, something that I do everyday, when I bumped into Bradley Sharp's work and really liked it. The image that got my attention was the first one from this selection, which by the way is already my new desktop wallpaper. Since I liked the style and the idea from that one image I decided to check out his portfolio for more stuff and noticed that it was pretty cool to show here to you. His illustrations/vectors are really stylish.

Beautiful Illustrations by Pablo Bisoglio

Pablo Bisoglio is a visual artist and illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has illustrated numerous works for a range of international publishers and magazines, including: Wired (USA) Ford Magazine (Argentina), Young Creative Network (UK), Fortune-Time inc. (USA), Grupo de Revistas La Nacion (Argentina) Panasonic (UK), Roger (UK), Teachersmag (UK), Diego (Sweden), Sushi (germany), Flattenmag (China), Reach+ (Japan), Odicca (USA), RevistaColectiva (Costa Rica) and Universal Music (Brazil) among others.

20 Fantastic Vectors by Cristiano Siqueira

Following our series of vector inspiration and after the great post we had yesterday with 20 Insane Vectors by Ahmed Alrefaie, we will feature another vector master, Cristiano Siqueira.

Amazing Photo Manipulations and Vectors by Liquid Pixels

This is the second post from the series about the some cool artists we found online! This one will show the work from Japi Honoo, also known as "liquid pixels". She is an artist that express lots of creativity, female energy and sexuality at her work. She produces photo manipulation and vectors using some creative tools such as photography, drawing, women sensibility and also some spirituality. At Japi Honoo's website you will find further information about her work/bio.

Incredible Vector Illustrations by Mel Marcelo

Today is the Vector day, we have the 5 great vector packs giveaway from Designious and now we feature the fantastic work of Mel Marcelo, an artist and illustrator living in Southern California. The first time I saw his work was in one of those oackley ads and I was amazed by the quality of the illustrations.

5 Great Vector Packs Giveway from Designious

I love vector images, in special floral. We simply can do all sorts of things with them. I remember in the past, it was very hard to get nice vector packs, back in the day when I used to use Corel Draw 6 or 8 I think. Now, however we have nice vector packs available and for a very affordable price, like the Designious Vector Packs.

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