3 Ways to Flunk Design School


When you go to Design school, you realize that there are so many other designers out there that you might get a little worried about the market and stuff like that. Well, if you use your time at school to overcome yourself, and use all the knowledge avaiable, you'll find no problems to find clients.

One thing many young designers fight are critiques from fellow designers and teachers. It can tough to go from having all your family and friends tell you all your work is awesome to your teachers and peers telling you to fix things on a daily basis.

You need to be willing to grow, trust your teachers and listen to your peers. While you don't have to listen to EVERYTHING they say you should take it all into consideration.

Your teachers will have much more experience than you while you are in school, so you need to take their advice and apply it to your work and see how it comes out. Students who fight their teachers too much on everything will not grow quickly.

Stay Inside the Box

Many designers get comfortable with a style or using certain typefaces or design elements. You must keep pushing the limits and never stop trying new stuff. Design school is the time to go crazy and lets your creative energy burst outward.

The more you try, the more you will learn and eventually you can develop your own rich design style, but even if you develop a style you should always keep experimenting well into your design career.

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Show no Love

If you have no passion for design why are you even in school or considering going to school? I remember seeing people in class spending more time texting or on Facebook than using the Adobe programs.

Even if you are not in class you should be creating artwork, going to museums, reading books, attending lectures and anything else you can do. You must surround your self with design, breath design, eat design and dream about design.

If you don't feel the passion than design simply may not be for you and you should keep searching for what career will truly make you happy for many years to come.


By Gino Orlandi from YouTheDesigner.com and the Online Printing Company UPrinting.com.

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