50 Mind-Blowing Polaroids


I always start my day checking out the daily inspiration here on Abduzeedo and now at http://daily.abduzeedo.com. One day I while I was checking out some cool images I spotted a really cool polaroid picture and I realized that most of us have already forgotten how cool these pictures are, the retro feeling in them. Polaroid for a long time was an icon to represent photography in icons for example. Because of that I decided to create a massive collection from polaroids.

You can check out the images below and if you have any suggestion or want to share your photos do not hesitate to contact us at abduzeedo@abduzeedo.com or via twitter that http://twitter.com/abduzeedo. I hope you'll like it!

Polaroid vs. digital

Finally, hears a great series for you as a bonus. The artist called 'aimless-thing' made it for a school project.

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