Abduzeedo's 2nd Anniversary - T-Shirt Contest Result, Giveaway and other Announcements

On December 19th of 2006 I posted my very first article here, on what I would now call a website rather than just a blog. The whole idea behind Abduzeedo was that it would be my personal blog, where I could share some of my design experiments. This evolved into the tutorials we have now.

First Abduzeedo Design

Back in 2006, when I decided to start Abduzeedo, I was going through a very difficult time in my business life... my office had been stolen and I had lost all my equipment, computer and backups. So I thought Abduzeedo would be a good way to save my "stuff" online. Then last January Fabiano and Paulo started writing articles, and a few months later Aloa joined the team.

After 2 years, I have to say, Abduzeedo has become my main activity. I have to thank you all for visiting the blog, commenting on the articles, criticizing, and helping me to evolve professionally by sharing ideas and experiments. Also I'd like to thank all the sponsors that have allowed us to keep the blog up, and of course the contributors that have posted incredible articles.

As it's time to celebrate we will do a different giveaway from what we normally do. Instead of giving the prize to a reader who leaves a comment we thought it would be nice make a sort of a scavenger hunt.

How will that work? Well, we've placed 2 images in 2 OLD Abduzeedo Articles (meaning that today's wallpaper post doesn't count). The first 2 readers who find the image will have to send a twitter message to Abduzeedo (http://twitter.com/abduzeedo) saying: "@abduzeedo Happy Birthday Abduzeedo. The image is here: link".

The image is a 2 Years Anniversary Wallpaper. The tutorial for it will be published next week.

Abduzeedo 2 Years Anniversary

Also, we'll give another extra shirt and a copy of Pixelmator for the best answer at twitter to the question: "Why do you love Abduzeedo?"... the answer must contain "@abduzeedo I love abduzeedo because..."

T-Shirt Design Contest Results!

We'd also like to announce the 5 winners of our T-Shirt Design Contest. It was a really cool contest, with over 70 pieces in the running for prizes! Unfortunately we had a little cheating during the votes, so design #37 was unclassified. The idea was that the voting process should be fair to anyone, and if anyone tried to make #37 win anything by cheating, you managed to screw things up. Sorry! Anyways, here are the 5 winners:

First Place!

Second Place!

Third Place

Fourth Place

Fifth Place

Congratulations to all the winners!

Geometric Book Giveaway Result!

We also want to announce the winner for another giveaway. The Kaptiza Geometric Book is all about geometric patterns inspired by basic shapes, but the best thing is that with the book you get a CD with 100 pattern fonts that you can use the way you want, allowing you to create many more different patterns. For more information about it and how to get your copy which includes the CD with 100 pattern fonts visit their site at http://kapitza.com/shop/geometric-book.

And the winner for this is: zimzallabimdesign

Editor: David Parrott

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