AR/VR — Build your home with 'Space Computing'

First of all, what's is 'space computing'? No it's not related to space but close enough. In the description, it's the optimization of computer science where 'space' is not an ideal concept. Think about AR and VR for instance and now it the matter of your home for example. With the current pandemic, I think we all somehow have thought about improving our own home space since we are spending more time at home as well. Introducing the project 'Studio' which is a beta project as I quote: "...combines IKEA's life at home knowledge with the latest developments in spatial computing, allowing you to measure, style, and share the spaces in your home.' What if this will be possible in the near future, how will it look? How close to reality this can help you design your home but also shape visually the desired outcome. I think this is really a great example of technology combining with user experience in your own home reality.

Measure, style and share your space in augmented reality. Studio is an experimental project from IKEA that turns your smartphone into a democratic design tool for the home. The app contains a set of easy to use tools that let you measure individual features like windows or doors, create detailed floor plans of entire rooms and visualise 3D volumes inside your spaces.


  • Client: Space10
  • Agency: Bakken & Bæck

Kühl & Han

  • Direction, Design & Animation: Kühl & Han
  • 3D Animation: Jesper Lindborg, Morten Kühl
  • 2D Animation: Andreas Bjørn Hansen
  • Lighting & Rendering: Morten Kühl
  • Drawings: Filip Kobjevsky
  • Sound Design: Plan8

Bakken & Bæck

  • Creative Direction: Anita Silva
  • Art Direction: Valerie Steenhaut
  • Creative Copywriter: Callum Copley
  • Space10
  • Creative Direction: Tommy Campbell
  • Producer: Sarah Berkowitz

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