AR/VR — Build your home with 'Space Computing'

First of all, what's is 'space computing'? No it's not related to space but close enough. In the description, it's the optimization of computer science where 'space' is not an ideal concept. Think about AR and VR for instance and now it the matter of your home for example. With the current pandemic, I think we all somehow have thought about improving our own home space since we are spending more time at home as well.

Using AR/VR to rewrite the history of forgotten women - Lessons in Herstory

This is one story/feature I truly enjoy making and sharing on ABDZ. Ricardo Uribe is Associate Creative Director at Goodby Silverstein & Partners from San Francisco, California. He shared on his Behance, an augmented reality app with a really great purpose. I didn't know that 89% of stories in U.S. history textbooks are about men. Introducing the Lessons in Herstory uses AR to bring to life forgotten stories of women, right on the pages of your history textbook.

AR/VR Design: Reinventing the Musée de la Civilisation experience

What do you think we should post more articles about AR/VR on ABDZ? We don't do it too often, maybe we should. A good example is what we are featuring with some AR/VR design for the Musée de la Civilisation located in Montreal, QC (Canada). Behind the project, we have the work of the amazing folks from lg2 and they have done an outstanding job with the entire experience. The UI is particularly minimal, almost feels like iOS from Apple. I would really be interested to give a tour and experience this new direction for museums of the future.

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