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Apple 3D Icons for AR

Jong min shared a very interesting 'personal project' via his Behance profile. The idea is simple and the medium used has been growing in terms of interest and even technology in-use for our everyday lives. 'Augmented Reality'. It's not a subject we feature lots on abdz. but I think it has its place especially with the emerging 'pandemic situation' and how we will find ways to work better together and remotely.

Augmented Reality & Typography is the Perfect Match

We have published some posts in the past about the perfect match that Augmented Reality (AR) and Typography make, so when we saw the amazing work that  Alex Slobzhenino shared we had to post it here. As he says, "from time to time I make type fly and jump in various ways" and then he shares it on his Instagram profile. This project is a collection of these little AR and motion experiments he’s done lately. Note that all the used fonts are designed by Alex himself.

Facebook AR Concept - Interaction Design

Product designer Moe Slah have shared with us a concept for Facebook AR. Moe is doing an excellent job at creating these concepts especially in a way to bring ideas and experiments together. Starting off with the branding with an interesting logo concept and cheers on pulling its multiple use cases. The overall design is very similar to the current Facebook UI but what's great is Moe's take on the AR itself, it kinds of reminds me of what Google is doing right now with AR mode in Google Maps.

Using AR/VR to rewrite the history of forgotten women - Lessons in Herstory

This is one story/feature I truly enjoy making and sharing on ABDZ. Ricardo Uribe is Associate Creative Director at Goodby Silverstein & Partners from San Francisco, California. He shared on his Behance, an augmented reality app with a really great purpose. I didn't know that 89% of stories in U.S. history textbooks are about men. Introducing the Lessons in Herstory uses AR to bring to life forgotten stories of women, right on the pages of your history textbook.

AR Mural: design, build and paint by Ustwo Sydney

We are sharing this cool conceptual AR mural designed, built and painted by the folks from Ustwo Sydney. A small team including the work from Olivia King have put together a challenge AR mural for their studio in under two weeks. In their words: "With an almost impossible task at hand, we set about working as quickly as possible - rapidly ideating and prototyping as we went. " You should definitely check out the video, to get a little glimpse of the experience.

Industrial Design: Givenchy VR Concept

We have seeing many companies like Facebook, Google and Apple; all taking their turns into VR/AR. What happened if it was designed to a level of a fashion brand? What would have been the approach? Well this is exactly was this concept is all about by Korean-based studio PDF Haus for Givenchy. I personally love this concept and how you can really see this could work out with such a stylish flair.

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