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AR Mural: design, build and paint by Ustwo Sydney

We are sharing this cool conceptual AR mural designed, built and painted by the folks from Ustwo Sydney. A small team including the work from Olivia King have put together a challenge AR mural for their studio in under two weeks. In their words: "With an almost impossible task at hand, we set about working as quickly as possible - rapidly ideating and prototyping as we went. " You should definitely check out the video, to get a little glimpse of the experience.

Industrial Design: Givenchy VR Concept

We have seeing many companies like Facebook, Google and Apple; all taking their turns into VR/AR. What happened if it was designed to a level of a fashion brand? What would have been the approach? Well this is exactly was this concept is all about by Korean-based studio PDF Haus for Givenchy. I personally love this concept and how you can really see this could work out with such a stylish flair.

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