Amazing Advertising Campaign Designs by Limb

Liem Nguyen aka Limb is a Art Director from Bangkok, Thailand and it's specialized in advertising design. Every one knows that the key to stay alive in the business you have to remain creative and Liem has no problem being creative. His works are not only creative but right on the dot, sending a clear message that will hit you right the way. Enjoy!

My name is Liem, pronounced "Limb". This leave-behind portfolio was designed to clear up any confusion. And also save me from explaining for the 147, 824th time, how to pronounce my name. For more visit Limb on Behance and
All of my work is inside this little usb drive, so when I go to interviews this is all I bring with me.

Art Directors Club (ADC) Awards

I developed this concept and worked with photographer, Olaf Veltman, to create these call for entries posters for the annual Art Directors Club (ADC) Awards. The ADC wanted to elevate the status of what it takes to win a coveted Gold Cube so these ads depict hard work, dedication, and lack of sleep.

Pepto Bismol

I developed this concept and worked with illustrator, Hyeondo Park, to create this print campaign for Pepto Bismol. A visual pun was created for the term "Food sits well" using a chicken for poultry, a pig for pork, and a cow for beef. I actually met Hyeondo through Behance and this was our first time collaborating on a project. Hats off to him for some hilarious illustrations.


I came up with this poster for an authentic Japanese ramen restaurant in New York called Ippudo. The tear pieces resemble their egg noodles. The ramen is handmade fresh everyday so each piece says "Freshly cut ramen served everyday at Ippudo" followed by the address and phone number.


I came up with this concept and worked with photographer, Chad Riley, to create this print campaign for VICKS. The idea is to make a visual pun of the term "stuffed nose" and how VICKS is there for you if one shows up. Because let's face it, who wants a stuffed nose anyways? I had the actual stuffed noses (felt, fur, terry-cloth) made in Singapore by a prop maker. The props ended up looking freaky and weird which actually helps the idea. All the actors are friends of mine who played each part perfectly.


I came up with this concept and worked with Gigunda Group to create these posters for Bounty. The strategy was to focus on the absorbency power of the paper towel... so we literally created big spills. In New York we greeted busy commuters with a giant coffee spill. In Los Angeles we greeted all the weekend shoppers with a giant melting popsicle. It took 24 hrs to melt all the way through.


I came up with this concept worked with photographer, Li-Han Lin, to create this print campaign for Coinstar -- a machine that gives you cash for your coins. I wanted something visually simple and iconic. Thus, showcasing broken piggy banks not full of coins but what the potential inside of them could be. No need for a headline if the visual does all the explaining for you. This campaign is currently in various advertising award shows.

NYC Taxi

I designed this bus shelter campaign, and also wrote the copy, for NYC Taxi. It strategically targets people who ride buses instead of taking cabs. I also know first-hand that waiting for a bus in New York sucks.


I created these print ads for Advil, head-ache medicine. I wanted to do something simple and polarizing, in effect to give people an actual head-ache. This campaign won a Gold Cube at the International Art Director's Club and was featured in the Graphis Annual, as well as CREATIVITY and CMYK Magazine.

Amazing, isn't it?
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