Awesome Brochure and Print Design Inspiration

Print design is becoming quite influential in web design, we have seen more and more websites using big headers, lots of white space and nice font size contrasts. As I am looking for print design references for a brochure I am working on, I decided to select some nice brochures and print design examples to share with you. Also there was a suggestion from a reader for us to feature more print design references.

Let me know if you have any example of a nice brochure, poster or print design you like. You can send it to me via email at or via twitter at

Miriello Grafico

Emmanuel Rovere's Portfolio

Felix von der Weppen

Ginger Monkey aka Tom Lane

Taulant Bushi's Portfolio

Mike Giesser's Portfolio

Michael Schepis's Portfolio

David Weik's Portfolio

Aleksander Blücher's Portfolio

Bruno Siriani's Portfolio

Romeu & Julieta - Estúdio's Portfolio

Benjamin Jimenez AKA PIN's Portfolio

Andrew Townsend's Portfolio

jekyll & hyde's Portfolio

David Arias's Portfolio

Jason Little's Portfolio

Heesun Seo's Portfolio

Vincent Jugé's Portfolio

Wemake Design's Portfolio

Michael Schepis's Portfolio

Michael Schepis's Portfolio

Rebrand Advertising and Design Inc.'s Portfolio

Andrew MacPhee

Allison Wilton's Portfolio


Roman krikheli

Andreas Hidber

John Owens

Andrew Townsend

Matias Fernandez

Aleksander Blücher

Roman krikheli

David Arias

HVD Fonts

Ashraf Majiet

Vincent Jugé


Gonçalo Durães

Jeff Quigley


Dario Berardi

Octavian Belintan

Planet Interactive Arts Ltd

We Love...

dailey crafton

David Motter

Hayden Peek

Ashraf Majiet

Caroline Tattersall

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