Beautify Photography of 100-Year-Old Houses in Budapest


Photography is all about capturing moments or subjects. It sounds easy but there's a massive difference between taking a photo and capturing the mood of the scene, or really driving the attention of the spectator to a particular part of the image that makes them think and interpret that scenery in different ways. Hlinka Zsolt has been sharing some beautiful photography collections on his website and the 100-Year-Old Houses is another series of stunning images. 

The dominant element of my work is symmetry and the city, specifically Budapest. In my newest series, in the second edition of The 100-Year-Old Houses, I would like to present the beautiful form and forgotten treasures of the capital city architecture by depriving them of their original functions, unfolding them into compositions and focusing on the relationships of their seperate elements.

Hlinka also adds that the design of Budapest’s architecture is a major element of his work, and he has already covered this topic in several series. The special thing about this latest series is that it was taken at the place – on the Belgrade quay - where he took the Urban Symmetry series photos, which have won several international awards. "This time, however, I focused on interior spaces instead of facades and wanted to introduce my beloved buildings in a more intimate tone." says Hlinka. 


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