BLOSSOM - Industrial Design

BLOSSOM is an industrial design project for a concept product for the product brand LEXON. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker with 360 degrees listening experience, in the form of a beautifully blossomed flower that's been simplified into geometric shapes of a cone and a cylinder. Those are the words from the designers behind it and what I love the most about it is how important industrial design has become. To a point that a speaker has design principles and clear source of inspiration.

Product description

The audio produced from the bottom-up is projected in all directions by the cone shape. This example of using design as a function, rather than relying on complex engineering and technology, is best fit for the product brand LEXON. BLOSSOM’s iconic shape becomes a beautiful addition to an interior design, and it has been designed with LEXON's brand identity in mind. - Behance

Industrial Design

The audio-dispersing cone can be nested into the main cylinder body for portability, while also serving as a protective shell for the delicate speaker cover. The cover itself is a flexible spandex material that joins the product's two main geometries together, while giving the surreal illusion of the cone balancing itself at the smallest point. - Behance

This project was originally shared by Soohun Jung, Rich Park and BEBOP Designers on Behance. For more information check out the project at

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