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We posted about Boosted Boards a few days ago, it's a great product and I see a lot of people moving around here in SF with those boards. Their website is also amazingly done. The work is from the talented folks at UENO but Robbin Cenijn shared some more details behind the Boosted Board Pre-order site. There's a lot to love, it's simple, elegant but for me what really sets it apart is the beautiful use of motion design. We selected a few screens here to share with you.

Robbin started his career as a Motion Graphics Designer and after moving into digital animation as a Flash Designer with leading Dutch agency Born05 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, He was soon promoted to the role of Art Director. He has worked with great clients and produced award winning projects. Now he works at UENO in San Francisco. For more information and to see his full portfolio check out

For more information about Boosted check out

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