Brand Identity for March, Simple and Long-lasting

Dieter Rams taught us that good design is "long-lasting" with his 10 Principles of Good Design. It's for me a sometimes, almost forgotten principle in the age of the internet. Everything has become so ephemeral with new trends popping up and people following immediately. The information as we all know has been commoditized, so everyone has instant access, it's the inevitable result of progress and I would never complain about it. So from time to time, I like to post some design projects published or shared a few years ago. That's the case of the brand identity project that Zivan Rosic published in 2015. It's been just three years, but if we think 2015 seems like an eternity, this project illustrates Dieter's principle of good design magnificently well. You, probably, would not have guessed it was from three years ago, would you?

Brand Identity

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