Death Side Series: Darth Vader & Shadow Stormtrooper by Charles AP


It's fascinating to see the step by step process behind illustrations and design in general. The project titled Death Side Series: Darth Vader & Shadow Stormtrooper by Charles AP is an incredible example. The level of detail in the sketches and the very stylized final outcome is inspiring and the perfect reason to be featured here on Abduzeedo.

Finally!! After a long time i'm working on this project since the "Skull Trooper" illustration i've done, this second or third project Done.. As you can see bellow on the Skulltrooper illustration i did back then, i wrote " Vader, You're next !". Some guys comented on this illustration and they guess what was the words means. They said that i gave a clue about what illustration I'll do next. and they are RIGHT. That's exactly the meaning of the Words, not just some messages to scared the Darth Vader. Hahaha.

Charles AP is a freelancer graphic designer and illustrator from Surabaya, Indonesia. For more information visit

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Fabio Sasso

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