Delicious Ramen Illustrations by Stephan Lorse

Ramen. You may be addicted to it, have tried it, or simply heard of it... come on it's 2021, and pretty sure everyone knows about ramen, the highest and most important meal from Japan but every country has its own interpretation of this delicious noodles bowl. Same in design, everyone has their own take on it whatever it is photography, 3D design, or even typography. What's most satisfying to me is how ramen gets alive through illustrations.

Let me introduce you to Stephan Lorse, an illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. He grew up in a small village near the border to Luxembourg, surrounded by forest, meadows, and farmland. In 2011, he graduated from art school (htk) in Hamburg. After 3 years of working in advertising as an Art Director, he finally quit his job to draw a comic book and decided to take the opportunity to become a full-time freelance illustrator. Learn more about him via his website.




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