Concept Art for Surreal Air Carriers

Paul Chadeisson is a Senior Illustrator & Concept Artist, full time freelance since 2016, working for games and films. He has an incredible portfolio of concept art for clients including NCSoft’s ArenaNet, 343 Industries, Walt Disney Pictures,  Alcon Entertainment, Lionsgate, 20th Century fox, Square Enix, Unit Image, OATS studios, The Senate VFX. He also had the chance to contribute to incredible movies and like BLADE RUNNER 2049: Black Out 2022, The Surge, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Alien 5, Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, Tron: Uprising.

For this post we want to feature one of the coolest concept art ideas, the Air Carriers. They look like the come from a Star Wars movie but when you look closely you will see they are nothing more than a regular container ship that flies. The details are quite amazing and definitely worth featuring here on Abduzeedo. For more information about Paul, make sure to check out

In 2012 i co-founded Ragequit Corporation, an Independent video game company with my friend Pierre-Etienne Travers, Cédric Lecacheur and David juhens. We developed and published Strike Vector on STEAM in 2014, and Strike Vector EX in 2016 on STEAM and PS4.

Concept Art for Air Carriers

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