Carbs Are The New Black: Playful Pasta Packaging Design

Packaging design is something that I believe it is truly inspiring. It's so fun to see how designers use their creativity to come up with eye-catching packaging in the midst of so much visual noise. Take, for example, grocery store aisles. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all the colors and fonts screaming at you. Oftentimes, we're on autopilot at the store and have our go-to products, not paying much attention to the array of creative packaging right under our noses.

The Intersection of Food + Design: A Thought Provoking Look

How empowering would it be to cause social impact with your design? Have you ever thought about mixing design, technology and food to transform the way we eat? I honestly haven't thought about this before. At least not in this impactful fashion. I didn't realize that food & design could be so interesting and important together. What comes to mind when you hear "food & design"? To me, I envision fancy, curated dishes perfectly shot on Instagram.

The Baking Supply Co.: Healthy Recipe Kits for Herbal Baking

A company called The Baking Supply Co. decided to re-invent the use of herbs for our treats. To get us excited about nutritious foods again, they are doing through what they called kits. Inside a variety of kits, you'll find recipes for gluten and refined sugar free herbal treats, iron-on patch, oven mitts, guides and more. All together in a very attractive branding, what do you say? It's worth for a try, at the least.

Split Plate Series - Typography

I don’t believe we have shared the work from Thomas Price before, he is a designer based in Kansas City, USA. From his work, it’s great to see Thomas experimenting and playing with different mediums throughout his work. For this project for example, as a role of designer/letterer; he was mixing text content for the National Turkey Federation with food split in two on a plate with the other half with type. I think the results are quite simple but a fantastic concept! What do you think?

Logo Design: Pretzels

We keep going through our weekly journey checking out great logos! We're thinking ahead and we want to find new topics, good ones, to share with you guys. Last week we featured logos with wool, and today we're featuring logos with pretzels! Every week we search through our favorite galleries: Logopond and Dribbble. Both are a great communities for designers everywhere.

Thanksgiving Food Typography

To celebrate thanksgiving I picked this awesome project by Casey Ligon. She used thanksgiving themed food to create some awesome typography. Check out the images and videos and happy thanksgiving! For more from Casey Ligon visit

Designing with Food

I've been seeing a lot of designs using real food and it's really refreshing specially if relates and reinforces the message. Today I decided to select a few of these pieces to share here and inspire you for your next project. Enjoy!

Delicatessen with Love Project by Gabriele Galimberti

One of the greatest things to do when you visit a different place is to try the local dishes. By eating ethnical food you'll go a little further in the experience of that city or country, which is the whole idea of traveling. Gabriele Galimberti is an experienced Italian photographer who travels all over the world to capture the soul of different cultures in the little things.

Design x Food

British Designer Ryan MacEachern decided to take his diet to the next level by using some design to spice things up. This project explores the nutritional values of the diet and presents it in a contrasting way, it juxtaposes the dull and boring appearance of the food he was eating by presenting the data using colourful vibrant foods. Enjoy! For more from Ryan MacEachern visit

Alphabet Carved into Food

Garret Steider had the bright idea to create this awesome project that involves typography and food. Carving into food and shaping each letter of the Alphabet with an extra taste of typography making this a very unique and probably very time consuming but the result is amazing. Check it out!

Yummy Food Groups Illustrations

Experimentation is a vital part of design. A person gets an idea and starts planning to make that idea come true. Designers make a living out of it, and it's important to keep our work fresh. Here's a little something to inspire you.

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