Designer Book Shelf #1

Hi everyone, today I will start a weekly post that will bring a lot of reading suggestions for you. Every Tuesday I will be posting new suggestions of books for designers and everyone that loves design and art in general. Check out what I have for you this week and stay tuned for more next week.

A lot of people don't realize how much one can learn from reading, even though today it's easy to find almost anything on the web, books tend to be a lot more focused on one subject and can get really depth if you read it through, making this one of the best ways to learn new things on your own convenience. Remember not to judge the book by it's cover.

Logo Design Workbook: A Hands-On Guide to Creating Logos

by Noreen Morioka, Terry Stone Sean Adams (Author)

Price: $16.50

Book Description

Logo Design Workbook focuses on creating powerful logo designs and answers the question, "What makes a logo work?" In the first half of this book, authors Sean Adams and Noreen Morioka walk readers step-by-step through the entire logo-development process. Topics include developing a concept that communicates the right message and is appropriate for both the client and the market; defining how the client's long-term goals might affect the look and needs of the mark; choosing colors and typefaces; avoiding common mistakes; and deciphering why some logos are successful whereas others are not. The second half of the book comprises in-depth case studies on logos designed for various industries. Each case study explores the design brief, the relationship with the client, the time frame, and the results.

Customer Review

(from Amazon) I'm used to design books that show examples of good work, but never give any real advice on how to make something. At first glance, this book is accessible and has lots of great images, but the content goes beyond that. It's actually pretty dense. It clearly explains how to make a logo and sell it. It has all the components of standards manuals listed. It even has a process guide for clients. I'm amazed AdamsMorioka was willing to divulge all of their "trade secrets" on good identities. This book also has an incredible collection of blue-chip designers and others that I've never seen before.

Type, Image, Message: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop

by Nancy Skolos (Author), Tom Wedell (Author)

Price: $31.50

Book Description

Working with type and image and the integration of these two elements to create persuasive and effective design pieces are the foundations of good graphic design. Yet, very little practical information exists for these tasks. This book changes all it. It gives designers the practical know-how to combine type and image for dynamic effect as well as to use them in contrast to create tension and meaning in design. Creating strong layouts is the most important as well as the most challenging of any project. This book inspires through excellence by exhibiting great design work then deconstructing the processes in simple visual terms. Type, Image, Message: Merging Pictures and Ideas looks at this respected art form while providing practical information that can be used by any designer wishing to hone the skills needed to merge type with images in an inspired manner.

Customer Review

(from Amazon) Manipulating type and image to create the tension that breaks meaning open is the essence of graphic design. Few books, particularly books created as "workshops," do a balanced job of communicating useful strategies for creating with type and image. Often their authors are a little better at one thing than they are at the other--a little better at type or a little better at using images. But few have an equally high standard or talent in both, and for this reason, the tension that makes meaning lags, and the book is useful for some lessons, but not for others. Not so with Skolos and Wedell. Their combined type talent and image expertise-- born of working together for so long, perhaps-- is like that of one consciousness-- a doubled consciousness that benefits the user. Their book is a rich, satisfying review of technique and result. I recommend it as a primary text for any design course that explores the making of meaning in graphic design.

Meggs' History of Graphic Design

by Philip B. Meggs (Author), Alston W. Purvis (Author)

Price: $45.14

Book Description

Now in its Fourth Edition, this unrivaled, seminal work continues its long tradition of providing balanced insight and thorough historical background. Under the new authorial leadership of Alston Purvis, this authoritative book offers more than 450 new images, along with expansive coverage of such topics as Italian, Russian, and Dutch design. It reveals a saga of creative innovators, breakthrough technologies, and important design innovations.

Customer Review

(from Amazon) In my opinion, this is the best reference book written about graphic design. This 500 plus pages book/bible is simply divided into 5 sections, 1) The Prologue to Graphic Design, 2) A Graphic Renaissance, 3) The Industrial Revolution, 4)The Modernist Era, and 5) The Age of Information. The topics range from the invention of writing to, creation of new typographic styles to, the digital revolution and computer art. There are plenty of graphics and photos on every page to accompany the wonderfully written text. If you study art history or graphic design, I think this would be a great reference book to have. It will take some time to read the entire book. But this is like a text book, so, reading only part of the chapters would be quite informative as well. Once you are done, you will definitely appreciate graphic design/graphic designers.

Graffiti Brasil (Street Graphics / Street Art)

by Lost Art (Author), Caleb Neelon (Author), Tristan Manco (Author)

Price: $17.55

Book Description

A firsthand survey of the most original graffiti scene to emerge in the past decade. From the startlingly distinctive achievements of the internationally renowned twin-brother painters Os Gemeos to the visual powers of the ubiquitous daredevil Pichadores, Brazil's graffiti captivates with entirely fresh ideas, techniques, and messages. Whether one's taste is for the extraordinary creative extremes generated amid urban deprivation or for crafted murals at their most elaborate, Graffiti Brasil offers both stunning photography and in-depth history and insight. Graffiti Brasil is the result of collaboration across three continents. Tristan Manco is from England, and is the author of the best-selling Stencil Graffiti and Street Logos. Caleb Neelon (SONIK) is an artist and writer from Boston, who has been traveling to and painting in Brazil since 1997. Ignacio Aronovich and Louise Chin are "Lost Art," and have for many years documented the streets of Brazil from their home city of São Paulo. With graffiti worldwide becoming more homogenized, this book is a reminder of the strengths of creative independence and the rich fruits of cultural diversity. 440 color illustrations.

Customer Review

(from Amazon) Brazil has to showcase some of the best Graf talent the world has to offer, The 'Os-Gemeos Brothers' have to be one of my faves, and this book showcases loads of the awesome imagery this beautiful city is home to. This kind of "extreme' art (!?) has given the world a new appreciation for this type of medium & such distinct styles, It has refreshed the minds of all, and brought color to an otherwise, sometimes, dreary place, due to poverty etc, it's so great to see such ambitious artists expressing themselves to such an extent, and to see difficult political issues get represented, it's a good way for people to get a message across, also brings color & inspires people in this country. If you read any of these books before leave your comment, send out your suggestions. Don't be shy, help us help you by leaving a comment.

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