Digital Art by Alexey Kashpersky

My weekends are always good time to surf the web and find inspiring work. It didn't take too look for me to find Alexey Kashpersky amazing 3D and illustration work. Alexey graduated from the National Technical University in his native town of Poltava (Ukraine) and earned a degree as Master of Visual and Decorative and Applied Arts with honors. The different styles really caught my attention, from scientific style 3D illustration to beautiful almost baroque style fantasy artwork, pretty much all of his work is worth being featured here on Abduzeedo.

He has since created a series of CG artwork for the Fantasy field and a large volume of 3D models for television and 3D printing studios - having worked with customers all around the world. In 2012, he started research and work in the scientific visualization field. The same year, he won an international competition with his Human Immunodeficiency Virus artwork, and in 2013 became a member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (USA). Alexey is the recipient of numerous major awards in the field of 3D graphics, including two CGSociety 3D Awards. He has been published in books such as: Exotique, Digital Art Masters, Secrets of Zbrush, etc.

Aside from this, he is also the founder of the following projects:, ARQUTE.COM (2007-2015), and a printed collection of the best digital artworks ARQUTE Artbook. Currently, Alexey lives in Montclair, New Jersey (USA) where he is working as 3D Artist at Radius Digital Science.

The Guards


"…perhaps one day, I will decide to go diving along the coral reefs or explore thousand year-old caves at the ends of the Earth."

Lion & Boy

Drug concept for Radius Digital Science

On the precipice of universe (2007)

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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