Dynamic animations and motion design — Nike, Just for Fun

Nike Kids is a live-action piece directed by MANSON and produced by CANADA, with support from R/GA Shanghai. The talented team at Studio Bliss was responsible for the dynamic animations and motion design featured throughout the project.

The concept for the project was inspired by the perception of sport in China, where it is often viewed as a strict and competitive activity rather than a fun game. Nike wanted to challenge this perception and encourage kids to play sports in a more relaxed, enjoyable way.

To bring this message to life, MANSON created a live-action piece showcasing kids participating in unconventional sports activities, such as playing catch backwards, jumping off a trampoline onto a bomb, and racing against a dog. The aim was to break free from the traditional rules of sports and encourage a more playful approach.

Bliss added an extra layer of whimsy to the piece through their animations, which were layered over the real-life footage. The animation served as the perfect tool to create a lighter and more playful world, and helped to emphasize the message that sports should be seen as a game for children, rather than a strictly competitive activity. Through their work on Nike Kids, Bliss helped to bring the director's vision to life and create a truly dynamic and imaginative final product.

At Bliss, we have completed this piece with animations over the real images. The animation in this piece is crucial: it is the ideal tool to create a much more lighthearted and playful world. We managed to create a crazier universe, closer to what sport should be for a child: a game.

Motion design details

Dynamic animations and motion design samples

Dynamic animations and motion design samples

Dynamic animations and motion design samples


  • Title Just for Fun
  • Client Nike
  • Agency R/GA Shanghai
  • Production Company CANADA
  • Director MANSON
  • Creative Studio BLISS
  • Executive Creative Director Tomás Peña + Gerardo del Hierro
  • Executive Producer Maria Soler Chopo
  • Production Coordinator Albert Vilardaga, Lorena Rodríguez
  • Art Director & Illustrator Arantxa Gil
  • CG Lead Lucas Céspedes
  • 3D Artists Bernat Martínez
  • Animation 2D/Cel Samuel Souto, Kassandra González
  • Pixel Art Jonathan Romero
  • Grading Dani Granados @Glassworks
  • Compositing Hugo Basism, Hernán Scassa, Bernat Udina
  • Musica & Sound Studio El
  • Lyrics & Voice Tianling Lu

For more information make sure to check out Studio BLISS website.

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