Editorial Design & Graphic Design for Budweiser and Barbecue Book


Henrique Folster shared a super interesting post on his Behance profile that definitely deserved a feature here on Abduzeedo. There's not a lot of information about the project with some amazing imagery to compliment. It's an editorial design but also graphic design and illustration effort by a collective of individuals for what seems to be a book about Budweiser and Barbecue. What really impressed me was the variety of styles throughout the images. The style spans a mix of modern and minimalist to classic 90s David Carson end of print type of compositions. There's a lot to love about it and it is definitely an inspiration. I hope one day I will be able to design a blog like this. Maybe in the future but until then get inspired by this great project.

Editorial Design & Graphic Design


  • Diretor Geral de Criação: Sergio Gordilho
  • Diretor de Criação: Matias Menendez / Nicolas Ferrario
  • Dir. de Arte e Design: Henrique Folster / Rodrigo Sganzerla / Cacá Barabás / Kazuo / Marcelo Almeida / Daniel Matsumoto 
  • Ilustrador: Sarah Kamada / Gabriela Sánchez / Jorge Tabajara / Gilberto Marchi
  • Redator: Lucas Ribeiro / Rafael Quintal
  • Artbuyer: Carmen Castillo / Natasha Grazia
  • Fotográfo: Rodrigo Pirim / Bruno Geraldi / Vitor Manon
  • Produção de fotografia: Edinalva Farias / Peninha / Pepe Mockups
  • Produção Gráfica: Carla Lustosa / Edson Harada / Fernanda Badan
  • Retoque e Pré Impressão: Casa Vaticano
  • Impressão: Leograf

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