Eerie 3D Rendering Work by Stuart Lippincott

Stuart Lippincott has been posting some incredible 3D rendering on his Behance profile. They are part of his everyday challenge and as the name suggest, he has been creating one illustration every day. I particular love the style and I can see that it's becoming more and more a trend. The surreal mood withe small people or just a small person facing a massive object, usually with strong light effects. It reminds me of the 80s, very abstract and sometimes stark, but with this futurist vibe. Anyway check out below some beautiful 3D rendering work.

Stuart is an animator, motion designer and sound designer from Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. As he mentions on his profile, "he is just trying to do things he loves and hope you enjoy his work" - I do enjoy your work Stuart, I love it so much that I will dust off my Cinema 4D and will try to improve my 3D rendering game. 

For more information and to check out all images make sure to check out his Behance profile at 

3D rendering

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