Elegant Brand Identity for Clinique Vestimentaire

Clinic Clothing is a brand identity and art direction project shared by Vivien bertin for a fashion design. The visual language is simple but quite elegant with a classic black and white scheme and simple but yet bold typography. In this post you can see the brand identity and design process for this project including the applications from the physical world like collaterals to web and mobile app design. Everything is consistent but also coherent from the visual design point of view, if you look at the applications you can tell that they are part of a family or system. That, in my opinion, is what great design is all about.

In the consciousness of man and his anatomy, the designers and researchers of the clothing clinic propose alternative concepts to the contemporary textile industry. My role was to accompany this young brand through a work of global artistic direction; The creation of logos, the photographic direction,  the design of the communication media as well as all the digital tools.

Brand identity

Clinic Clothing - May 2017

  • Art direction: Vivien Bertin 
  • Photo credits: Vivien Bertin 
  • Model: Joan 
  • Jonnsen Web development: Alexandre Contini

About Vivien Bertin

I'm Vivien Bertin, art director and illustrator based in Paris, France. Fascinated by images of all shapes and forms, my work is often defined by the presence of drawing, halfway between illustration and graphic design. After 4 years in a french creative agency, designing visual identities and illustrations, I currently work as a freelance graphic designer. For more information check out: http://www.vivienbertin.com/

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