F5 Creativity Festival Tickets Giveaway + Announcements

Ever wanted to go those awesome design festivals but never really had the chance, or the money to afford tickets? We'll, today is just your lucky day, since we've got 2 tickets to the great F5 Creativity Festival. Also, check out the winners of the last giveways we held.

F5 is a new two-day creativity festival coming to New York City this April 16th and 17th. Created by Motionographer.com founder Justin Cone and former OFFF Executive Producer Carlos El Asmar, F5's eclectic lineup is built around "creative collisions" - moments of lasting insight and inspiration that come from venturing outside your comfort zone and smashing into other fields.

F5's eclectic mix of speakers will cover topics including: graphic design, branding, interactive design, motion design, visual effects, new media, filmmaking, animation, neuropsychology. That's why F5's speakers include people like:

  • MSNBC's Rachel Maddow
  • Photographer/filmmaker Charlie White
  • Celebrated game developers Media Molecule
  • Science journalist Jonah Lehrer
  • Alternate reality gaming guru Elan Lee
  • Digital Domain co-founder Ed Ulbrich

F5 will also host celebrated design and animation studios: Psyop, Shilo, Prologue, Tronic, Digital Kitchen, 1st Ave Machine, Dvein, and many more. Check their full speaker lineup at http://f5fest.com/speakers/. Media Temple will also be throwing an awesome after party with plenty of drinks and jams to keep everyone happy.

You guys cannot miss this awesome opportunity to check out some awesome conversations on so many fields. So, to get these free tickets, all you have to do is leave a comment, telling us what would you expect of this awesome festival.

Also, here are the winners of our last giveaways, the cards one, and the Abduzeedo t-shirt one.

Giveaways winners

  • 1000 Business cards - Steve Robillard
  • Abduzeedo t-shirt - Victoria H. See

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