Fifth Element's inspired ad for Puma RS2K

A throwback from the late 90s with this collaborative project for Puma. Exploring these past aesthetics through motion design, art direction, and pure nostalgia! After watching the ad campaign, for who you will remember. You will recognize inspiration from an iconic movie back from these years: 'The fifth element' starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich. It's a pleasure to watch and would like to send our regards to the entire crew behind this production. We took the liberty to list them below, props!




  • Directors: Vlad Fishez & Olga Babych
  • Production: SEEK!
  • Client: PUMA Ukraine
  • Team:
  • Directors: Vlad Fishez & Olga Babych
  • DOP: Nikita Kuzmenko
  • Art director/Production Designer: Olga Babych
  • Executive producer: Kostya Khytry
  • Line producer: Taya Holiy
  • Producer assistant: Darina Tverdokhleb
  • Unit manager: Dima Mazhuga
  • Set designers: WokaWoka
  • Stylist: Ann Khytra
  • Make up: Olga Mishura
  • Hair stylist: Natalia Braslavich
  • Gaffer: Alexander Shvets
  • Focus puller: Vladislav Dobrik
  • Video assistant: Max Levchenko
  • Photographer: Ksenia Kargina
  • Photographer assistant: Sergey Illin
  • BTS: Oleg Bondarenko, Kostya Semerei
  • BTS photo: Kostya Bibliuk
  • Post-Production:
  • Post production producer: Kostya Sen
  • Editors: Vlad Fishez, Kostya Semerei
  • VFX consultant: Indy Hait
  • Cg/Art-directors: massa+ Eugene Lekh & Eugene Pylinsky
  • SFX: Propeller Studios
  • Color: Erlan Tanaev
  • Clean-up, weare-fx: Stas Ravskyi & Alexandr Dysenko
  • Character and props 3d models developed deep3dstudio: Vadim, Shestakov, Evgeniy Shestakov, Andrey Kompaniets, Evgenie Shestakova

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