Huawei Tech4All — A Million Dreams Campaign

Our friends from Ars Thanea has reached out and wanted to share about their 'biggest project to date' and it's with Huawei's Tech4All - A millions dreams campaign. Working in collaboration with WPP Team Huawei and Argentinian director’s duo Mab & Becho, they have created together a heart-warming and meaningful video proving that can develop a better future for all. Let's all take a closer look! In their words

Pepsi and Peeps Join Together to Create...Marshmallow Soda

If you haven’t already peeped the buzz, we couldn’t help but share one of the most shocking marriages of two icons…..PEEPS® and PEPSI. As we gear up for our second low-key Easter holiday this is the kind of joyful news we need. The two brands have joined hands in marital bliss to introduce PEPSI x PEEPS®, a new beverage that combines the crisp, refreshing taste of PEPSI cola with the pillowy-soft and sweet PEEPS® Marshmallow flavor.

Fifth Element's inspired ad for Puma RS2K

A throwback from the late 90s with this collaborative project for Puma. Exploring these past aesthetics through motion design, art direction, and pure nostalgia! After watching the ad campaign, for who you will remember. You will recognize inspiration from an iconic movie back from these years: 'The fifth element' starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich. It's a pleasure to watch and would like to send our regards to the entire crew behind this production. We took the liberty to list them below, props!

Pop & Surreal Digital Art by Kota Yamaji

Kota Yamaji is a digital artist based in Tokyo, Japan, he just shared his art contribution for the 2020 Adobe MAX Conference. Seeing his colorful and surreal style, I decided to share some of the few things he shared on his Behance. Among the projects, we have an album cover titled: '#ヤンスタ' on Apple Music and an Evian water bottle art project.

Nike's Take on Sustainability - Trash by you

Mark Aver is a Sr. Creative Director at Nike based in Portland, OR, USA, he shared a pretty awesome advertising for Nike about sustainability. Featuring the floral art by Manu Torres, the purpose of this ad is to show the Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit is made from at least 50% recycled content by weight. It's a pretty interesting approach for a product and at the same time, the advertising around must be putting an extra touch on that fact.

MasterCard - Believe in Experiences

Wernersam Studio and Latina Studio shared their beautiful work brand work for MasterCard. The campaign is focused on the message that at MasterCard, they believe in experiences, in the awe of the simple things. They use moments, in different situations like gastronomy, tourism, soccer competitions to illustrate that with super smart photos recreating the MasterCard logo. 

‘We Love Movies’ Ad Campaign for Fandango

Pes Motion Studio is a creative studio based in Chicago, IL, USA. They have shared their work on the launch campaign for Fandango app in Latin America. As you watch the final result of the video campaign, you can't help to notice its vibrant colours, 3D awesomeness, character design, and of course animations. Nicely done to the entire team! Also, what's striking is that there this nostalgia feeling of going to the movies.

A Sweet Escape - CGI Campaign for Chupa Chups

Illusion CGI Studio is CGI studio based in Bangkok, Thailand, they gave worked with some of the most renowned brands, you might have seen or remembered this feature we made about them last year on their 2017's project Build the Future for Lego. In this feature, we are sharing their project for Chupa Chups (I think we all had at least once a Chupa Chups), what a creative visual approach.

Set Design for Klarna on Google and Apple Pay

SNASK is a production design studio based in the stunning city of Stockholm, Sweden. You might have probably seen their work featured on Behance and even here on abdz. Personally, I really dig their commercial ad campaigns, they are always creative, vibrant, and inspirational in some ways. To kick it off, we wanted to share the project they worked for Klarna, a banking company based in Sweden as well. For this campaign, let's take a look at their take on Apple and Google Pay on its art direction, set design and filmmaking.

Creative Process Campaign for Brrch on Squarespace

Until recently, I am finding more and more interested in commercial campaigns that use creativity at its purest. I think it brings another look to our 'quotidien' and always bring a spark of inspiration needed. We are featuring at this collaborative project which is a commercial campaign for website building and hosting company Squarespace. In this campaign, it's all about ‘make it real’, it's a creative journey on the customer's perspective from basically the vision to realization.

Nike Adapt Huarache Campaign

Our friends from Ars Thanea have shared the project they have worked with Nike. What is it this time? They were part of a campaign to promote the new Nike model: Adapt. Claiming its next-generation of tech and sports footwear. Here are a few keywords: self-lacing system, mobile app. Does that sound great? Let's give it a look!

Spotify Pride Month - Global Campaign

Pedro Veneziano shared his collaboration in 3D & Motion of the massive global campaign for Spotify Pride. Paying homage to the LGBTQ+ movement, its Pride rainbow flag. It's filled with colours and it has been shared through a series of dimensional visuals, static and motion assets in playlist covers, street posters, billboards and more. I would love to share a quote from Pedro on the project: "The result was a memorable identity that carries the very essence of the LGBTQ+ movement: bold, loud and proud." Hope you will enjoy this one!

Sound Design for Adidas Record Running

Let's change the beat a little and go with a project in 'sound design' by Zelig Sound for Adidas Record Running. In advertising, we are mostly focused on how appealing are the visuals but there is a lot more than that. If we go behind the scenes, they are the storyboarding, scout locations, filming, equipment, production and more. If we are keeping a closer look at production, there is sound design. It definitely enhances the entire experience whatever you are promoting a product, story and anything else.

“there’s good inside” - Method’s Inspiring New Brand Campaign

Today, Method Products, pbc - a pioneer in design-driven, people and planet-friendly home and personal care products - launches a new integrated brand campaign, “There’s Good Inside.” It spotlights the good inside its products, its people and its state-of-the-art, sustainable soap factory in Chicago. Brought to life with an uplifting, clean-centric cover anthem of the popular ‘90s earworm “I’m Gonna’ Be (500 Miles),” by The Proclaimers, the whimsical, smile-inducing campaign centers around the notion that most people don’t believe cleaning can be fun, creative or connected to their values.

Etenswaardigheden: a film series with pure creativity for Albert Heijn's

Albert Heijn is Holland's biggest supermarket chain and the rad folks from Studio Mals shared 9 very playful videos that unfortunately we can't share but you should definitely check the full project on their Behance. The videos are basically a creative take on simple questions we might have about food. Simple and it's delightful!

Ogilvy & Mather's creative and genius Lego campaigns

Asawin Tejasakulsin is a Creative Group Head at Ogilvy & Mather and we are sharing a couple of the Lego campaigns he shared on Behance. Among the campaigns, there are projects titled: 'For every imagination', 'Imagine' and 'Build the future'. I took the liberty to put them together in this article because they are purely creative, inspiring and genius!

Tendril, a Canadian creative studio shared their stunning campaigns for VIZIO

Our good pals from Tendril is a design-driven animation, VFX and digital innovation studio based in Toronto, Canada. We have featured their work before on ABDZ and it's always a nice surprise when they are sharing new work with us. Their latest awesomeness they shared is Tendril's production partners collaboration with Psyop & PARTNER, an agency behind the marketing efforts for VIZIO.

Clever Advertising for the McDonald’s Golden Arches

Cream Electric Art is a production studio based in Sydney, Australia; they have published a clever advertising project for McDonalds. Deeply focusing on their iconic logo for which represents the infamous 'Golden Arches', a representation that went on the big screen for the The Founder movie. I just appreciate how insightful Cream Electric Art studio took little moments from our daily life and simply placed the golden arches.

Art Direction for Nike Epic React Flyknit

Santi Zoraidez and Facu Labo shared a beautiful art direction post on Behance. It's for the new and revolutionary Nike Epic React Flyknit. I am a Nike Running user and I remember seeing some promos about these new shoes and was always very impressed by the quality of the art direction and imagery. Now that I know who did it, it's more than necessary to feature them.

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