Future of Prototyping Live in Sketch

Just a little while (past week), we've announced Craft-Styles by Invision LABS and today Invision announced that they acquired Silver Flows to bring prototyping live in Sketch. This is the future right here, both a passionate user of Sketch and Invision, allowing designers to prototype and see their designs live (real-time mirroring) on your devices for a better user experience. As we know that it's not about being pixel-pushing-perfect but giving the best practical contact for your users.

The Silver Flows team joining InVision is yet another giant leap toward our vision of building the product design and collaboration platform of the future. A vision shared by the nearly 2 million users already on the InVision platform today.

Silver Flows helps designers to define all of the logic and transitions required to create prototypes directly within Sketch, a first for the design industry. By enabling UX designers to design and build prototypes in the same space, they can more quickly test and validate the broader user experience their apps provide. Together, InVision and Silver Flows are building a creative cloud within Sketch that provides an unparalleled degree of continuity for designers and their teams.

Watch it in Action

For more information: http://www.invisionapp.com/craft

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