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With the new year I have started collecting references for the new Abduzeedo design. This time it will be heavily focused on mobile with the mobile version driving the design decisions for the rest of the devices despite the fact that most traffic comes from desktop. I believe it's important to limit the scope to really understand how mobile first works. The desktop version won't be left behind in the process but carefully adapted from the mobile version. In this process I am collecting references and one that really has me captivated is the design for GQ Magazine for iPad by Michael Nolan.

Michael Nolan, graphic designer, living and working in Munich. For the last 5 years I have been working as editorial/tablet designer (since July 2012 as deputy art director) for German GQ Magazine. Since June 2013 I´m also the art director of our monthly enhanced replica iPad app "GQ Magazin+". Layouts from the redesign issue of the monthly published enhanced replica iPad app "GQ Magazin+" for GQ Germany were built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

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