Hysterical Minds New Exhibition 10.0: Symphony


Hysterical Minds, a group of collective recently released their 10th exhibition entitled 'Symphony' and I truly enjoyed the versatility of these pieces and hope you guys will enjoyed them too! Very different from what we're used to see.

We have entitled this release as "Symphony" because we want to bring a visual concert to your house, generated from a common passion that unites us as artists: Music. We have given room for expression and creation, reinterpreting our favourite tracks, genres and authors, from classical music to industrial tunes, from black metal to dance pop, travelling through a wide spectrum of shades to bring you a diverse but coherent collection.

For more information about Hysterical Minds and their artists, you can visit HysterialMinds.com.

Symphony by Rafatoon & Luchenticius

Blesses Curse by --M--& Ramses422

Deep by Aegis

Jade by Italia Ruotolo

Dark Paradise by Xposion

Written in Waters by Decreptitude

Trust Embedded by Bolverk

Inside the Music by Matkraken

Closer than It Seems by Arkiniano

M314N(I0I01y by --M-- & Liransz

Garden of Aether by Matkraken

In Another Life by Matkraken

Rhythm to the Rebels by Schiszophrenia

Cybertrash by Cessar

Unkontrollierbar by Laurawaechter

Geiger by Dumaker

Anesthesia by Liransz

Odile & Odette by Jcbarquet

Everything Dies by Liransz

Fallout by Dumaker

Written by

François Hoang

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