I Love Type 01 - Futura

The book suggestion of this week is an awesome one, it's about typography. The title of the book is I Love Type 01 - Futura by Victionary. The book showcases artworks created using Futura and it's the first book of the series I Love Type.

Once representing Swedish IKEA globally (in a slightly tweaked appearance of Ikea Sans) and raging the world when substituted by Verdana in 2009, Futura has been one of the most influential san-serif for nearly a century. Its simplicity and geometric qualities, originally responding to the trends of the Bauhaus or constructivism back in the 1920s, is still valid at present while spawning equally prominent types like Avenir in 1980s and Gotham in 2000.

Beautifully produced in hands with prolific Spanish creative duo, TwoPoints.Net, I Love Type is witness to the fashionable comeback of a selection of time-honored typefaces with focus on one type-family at a time. Capturing a myraid of inventive type treatments, ranging from layout arrangements, special printing and custom variants, the series is a review of how today’s graphic designers are breathing new life into classic typesets and timeless aesthetics into modern context. I Love Futura is the first volume of the type collection to hit the stores.

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