Illustrated Railways Map of Switzerland by Loris Grillet

When you think of Switzerland, what goes through your mind? Some will say cheese, mountains, lakes, clear water, and more. Personally, for me it's all about the trains. The perfect railway system connects the cantons together and takes you to some of the most beautiful locations that Switzerland has to offer. Through this admiration and celebration of the Swiss railways, I wanted to share the beautiful illustrated railways map of Switzerland by Loris Grillet. You can now preorder the map through Loris's shop:


This detailed illustration presents the most iconic places in Switzerland through dozens of details in which you will love to get lost and more than 20 compositions of trains crossing the country. Also find 9 emblematic SBB trains through the ages from the 1920s to the present day.

Celebrate the Swiss railways with this illustrated map of the train network in Switzerland.

Digital Art


Loris Grillet is a graphic and web designer based in Geneva, Switzerland, you can follow more of his works through his social links.

The illustrations showcased are all reserved by ©Loris Grillet

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