Switzerland Photography & Wallpapers

Somewhere in the middle of Western, Central and Southern Europe; there is the country of Switzerland. Every year on August 1st, it's the celebration of the Swiss National Day. I decided to share 10 wallpapers of Switzerland in celebration of this day and also somehow share a photo journal of this stunning country that I have been calling 'home' for almost a year. You can download them via my Unsplash profile.

What can I tell you about Switzerland based on my experience living here so far, well it's an incredibly photogenic place to be surrounded with. You are so close to nature, its astonishing alps, and its well-designed and engineered train tracks that will take you anywhere from ground to the top of some mountains. You become to appreciate its richness and become most aware of embedding its lifestyle, culture, and traditions. Hope you will enjoy these wallpapers, it's a bit of a learning curve for me to photograph a natural scenery (since I am not used to and still), it's quite to easy to get lost on what you actually want to focus on. It's a pleasure though to carry your camera when traveling to places because you never know what you will discover.


Download the wallpapers on Unsplash

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