Inspiring Work of João Oliveira


Our friend João Oliveira has recently updated his website with some outstanding new work. From Art Direction to digital images, João shows how versatile he is, no matter the client. From Coca-Cola to Depthcore his work is always inspiring and deserves to be featured here on Abduzeedo.


Teamed up with Nuno Jerónimo and Tiago Canas Mendes from the “O Escritório” agency I’ve been responsible for the art direction and identity design of this campaign held by Coca-Cola Portugal and the Portuguese soccer team Benfica — Camarata Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola Dormitory).

The idea behind this “feel-good” campaign was to turn the stadium luxury corporate box into a dormitory for fans. Boosters could apply at Coke website and win the chance to spend 24 hours in the dorm, spending the night in there and also watching a soccer match with the privileged view the location offers.

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