MINSK3049: A quarantine homage from Belarus

What can I say, the recent news is really taking its exaction on the entire world. It has been touching us somehow and it's really important to keep the spirit up during these very hard times. Try to keep yourself informed during 'allowed timeslots', don't you just spend the entire day watching the news. It's unhealthy for your mind. Let's take Ilya Volgin for example. He has been creating a series titled: 'MINSK3049' in homage of his marvelous city of Minks during this quarantine period. We are saluting his series since this is a great example of what we should all do, take that opportunity of being home to spend a couple of hours during your day to learn something new. Let's not come out of this situation unchanged.

About Ilya Volgin

Ilya is a graphic designer based in Minsk, Belarus, there is a little bit of everything on his Behance, make sure to give him some love.

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