Motion Design Monday! Carrier of Time

It’s Motion Design Monday and we would love to share the amazing project that Children Chiu shared titled Carrier of Time. It was done using Houdini and Redshift and it’s simply beautiful. It was created to promote Taiwan. Since the Age of Discovery, Taiwan has been irradiated with diverse cultures. This history makes Taiwan merge different cultures, and refract them into beautiful shadows. As the carrier of our history and culture, these historical national treasures were born in its own era and shaped the beauty of this land, describes Children Chiu on the original post.

Time is a river, carrying light moving forward, continuously shaping who we are everyday. The shadows of time are the accumulation of our history and culture.



Making of


  • Client: Bank of Culture
  • Creative: Children Chiu, Chelsea Chen
  • Sole Production: Children Chiu
  • Calligraphy: Children Chiu
  • Music and Sound Design: Hyperlung

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