New World Face Masks

Toby Ng share a graphic design and packaging project he did for Love Without Border for a global initiative formed to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. In response to a mask shortage in Hong Kong, NWD saw the need to support the community by producing and supplying ‘Made in Hong Kong’ face masks. Partnering with various NGOs across the city, masks are distributed to low-income families and disadvantaged groups. The ‘Masks To Go’ dispenser program allows for easy and convenient collection with the use of a contactless smart redemption card.

Paying homage to its founder Adrian Cheng, CEO of NWD, the Love Without Borders visual identity is fronted by a stylized ‘A’, simplified from The Artisanal Movement logo. The packaging comprises a variety of different colors including a children’s mask edition. The graphic is designed to ensure clarity of information and ease of understanding while instilling the initiative’s positive mission. Mask dispensers located across NGO centers in Hong Kong are designed to be eye-catching and easily recognizable for users and passersby alike. Together, the visual identity and packaging design manifest the CSV values of social betterment through culture, creativity, social innovation, and sustainability.

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