10+ Embroidery Works That Will Brighten Your Day

It's just amazing when you find artists that excel in their creative field. Everybody loves a beautiful illustration, photograph or architecture project, but how many of us are appreciating state-of-the-art embroidery works? Well, here's your chance.

Sweet Logo Design by Maggie Molloy

There are tons of logo styles out there: flat, outlines, 3d, etc. In every style you'll find pretty awesome, beautiful examples of logo design. Maggie Molloy lives for hand drawn branding and she's so good at it, it would be a shame not to share it with you. Here are some fine examples of Maggie's work. These are so sweet. For more of her work and information, please visit her Instagram! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Astonishing Papercut Artworks by John Ed De Vera

Papercut artworks are really something. People might think it's a child's thing, but there are artists that take it to state-of-the-art level, such as John Ed De Vera, a multidisciplinary designer, with a penchant for lettering, paper-cutting, and experimenting with different and new media. He comes up with these detailed, intricate papercut pieces that will amaze everyone. These are only a handful of his latest works. For more of it, please visit his Instagram! Cheers! ;)

Hungry Hungry Hamsters Handmade Miniature Town

Let me present to you the lovely online series "The Hungry Hungry Hamsters", which takes place in a miniature town, with handmade miniature things in it! The Series is about a lovely family obsessed with delicious food, starred by real hamsters!

The Contemplative Artworks of Elicia Edijanto

One thing I love about art is that an illustration is like a window into an artist's mind, soul, or whatever you might call it. Some artworks and paintings are super happy, with bright, colorful details right at your face. Some others express deep meaning through fewer elements and simpler colors.

Case Study: Fazer

It's always incredible to see designers pushing the envelope from time to time. Being a fan of 3D works is one thing but the folks from Snask went beyond even more with a summer campaign for Fazer. Taking their motto of being "unconventional" to a whole new level especially when the client brief is simply and as I quote: "...make drop dead gorgeous handmade typography". Please enjoy this stunning case study.

Stylish Handmade Branding by BMD Design

Branding is definitely an art. To come up with a nice brand to represent the idea behind a company might be really hard, but some people got that talent and they make it look easy. Some of those people are at the BMD Design, a France based company that has come up with some super stylish pieces for companies. Here are some examples of their works. For more of them, you should really check their portfolio at Behance and their personal portfolio.

Paper Creations by Chloe Fleury

French designer/illustrator Chloe Fleury, now based in San Francisco, California, creates wonderful things with paper that instantly caught my attention. I especially love her San Francisco posters which represent her favorite neighborhoods and what they mean to her. Makes me want to go back to SF sometime soon. What I really enjoy is creating little worlds, fantastical worlds. Envisioning them, building them, and eventually bringing them to life through stop motion animation.

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