Interaction Design: Wine-Searcher Application

Wine-Searcher Application is an interaction design and UI/UX project shared by Olena Mostepan and MEAT Studies on their Behance profiles. In a nutshell, the whole idea was create an mobile app that could help you search and understand a bit more about wine, with the ultimate goal of making you love wine. From the interaction design point of view, it's a fairly simple and straightforward model. You can search wine by type of food, type of wine or even scan wines to understand more about that particular type. 

The visual design is also simple but lovely with "cute" icons across the many screens. From the images I felt that the fonts tend to be quite small and I wonder from the accessibility point of view, if the text color is not too light. Enough said, check out the images below for a better look at this cool project.

Interaction Design

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