Interview with Digital Artist Parker Gibson

Parker Gibson is an upcoming artist trying to make on the big world of digital art and design, he talks about his work, the struggles of being a digital artist, and he also gives us all access to his new projects and future plans, check it out!

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So let's start with the usual, tell us a little bit about you.

My name is Parker Gibson, I'm 23 years old and I currently reside in Edwardsville, IL USA. I started doing digital work in the fall of 2007, and am currently in school transferring for my BA in fine arts.

How did you get into doing digital work?

It started when I was surfing my friends MySpace page ( and looking over his and other artists mix tape covers and everyone uses this particular artist. I saw the heavy detail and work involved and I was like really taken in by it so it motivated me to try to imitate or figure out the techniques used in doing what this artist had done. Everybody used this guy’s work he’s got really amazing stuff too. ( but he really was most of the inspiration I had found in getting started in Photoshop.

How was it for you to learn to use Photoshop?

At first it was hobby. I really enjoyed just seeing the mixture of things you can do in it. My original set up was on an old gateway laptop, with cs2 and no mouse though so I would have to hand cut a lot of things. It also came complete with the blue screen of death and on several occasions I'd lose whatever I'd be doing if I hadn't saved it lol. But anyways, I had no real idea of layers, or any filters at all. But my dad, brother and other friends who had used it kept telling me "it's all bout layers & filters". So over the course of a few months I would randomly search for good Photoshop tutorials online where I found the link for ( where they have tut's on css, and photography and other stuff. As I was looking I found a link for "bad-ass bling effect" tut, which was a video tutorial from , which was how I found about Go Media, and Vectors and all these amazing things I never knew about. So over time I went from no knowledge and real skill, to being able to understand what the hell I was doing and supposed to be using layers and filters for haha.

What you been doing now that you have good skills in Photoshop?

Still trying to progress and learn as much as I possibly can. I've really started to promote my work a little more and try to get small odd jobs to get a name for myself. I stay working on different personal stuff, and building relationships with whomever I can, and just look to learn. I try to develop more ideas and mix different tastes to establish my ideas and see what comes out. I wouldn't really say I've got good skills I'd just say they got better over time, I've definitely developed a little more confidence in the stuff I do, which adds drive to my work and keeps me focused

What are the biggest struggles for an upcoming digital artist?

I think that differs with everyone. Ones I've faced for me vary and I know more will come as I continue doing what I want to do. One big one is if my works are good enough, if I'm getting my point across, if I’m inspired enough or innovated new idea. Getting opportunities or jobs or if the jobs will even pay good enough because of the state the economy is in all over the world I think figuring out how to promote yourself in this field is the key, so that’s constantly a struggle for me because I'm still learning that. Balancing your time, I face this a lot I've got a regular paycheck working for a bank, and I've also got classes which range from day and night and to top it off I’ve got a girlfriend and it's always a problem scheduling time to be able to work on my stuff.

Do you have any projects going on or coming up?

Yeah, I'm forever starting a few personal works at once going into them knowing they won't get finished so I can come back to them over time and adjust them or add or take out things. Aside from that I'm working on a collaboration with a good friend Qwerty. I'm working on my website as well, and I've been displaying some stuff locally at a wine bar in Edwardsville, and planning on showing at a student art show where I go to school currently. And planning on displaying locally at a few other art venues around eville and the area.

If you had a chance to work with some artists you admire who would they be?

Working with other artists allows me to learn and mature not only with my work but with myself. If I'm able to take something from other artists that's something money can't buy. If I could work with someone I’d say Cris Vector because his work is fresh. He's a worker bee too, I've been able to speak to him on a couple occasions and he's a gentleman. Jeff Huang, personally I feel I could relate personally I feel I relate to him through his work. Graffiti was the first style of art I encountered and why I ever picked up a pencil. Hip hop has always influenced me and I'll never leave it. And probably Perttu Murto, I've seen a wide range of works he's produced. He's all over the place and I like that. With his work I mean. He's in a lot of different styles, and he gets a lot of recognition for it. I commend all artists though, so really I'm always open to talking and working with just about anyone.

Alright Parker, thank you very much for the interview and as I always like to do I'll leave the last words for you.

Thank you for the interview as well! I'd like to thank everyone that takes the time to view my work, as well as the artists I speak to day to day, you ALL help me. I try to invest as much time as I can into what I do and I enjoy every minute. I'd like to throw a personal shout at the end to my family and friends for the help and support, and to my friend Delorean for being a huge influence on my work and bringing me up with my art. That’s all.

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