Interview with Stephane Munnier aka Goanna

Check out this interview with the Flash Masters Stephane Munnier aka Goanna, the French designer who lives in Brazil and does work for all parts of the globe. Plus, he gives us all access to his recent project vouDo! Design.

Who is Goanna?

Stephane Munnier aka Goana, 35 year old born in France, now lives in Rio de Janeiro Brazil Flash Designer/ Web Art Director. Work as a freelancer since 2004. Goana is a Flash masters making his designs very unique and definitely very interesting as you can see:
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Tell us about your project "vouDo! Design".

The project besides anything is a experimentation, I can be defined as a virtual studio, A collective of 5 designers, all freelancers. And the formation goes like this: Stéphane Munnier - Founder and Flash Designer (Rio de Janeiro) Sébastien Larreur - Motion Designer (New York) Jean Christophe Quillez - Sound Designer (Paris) Sylvain Briand -Action script 3 Programmer and 3D Flash (Lyon) Florent Jean -Action Script 3 Programmer (Lyon) The Idea was to be united so we could present ourselves to our clients with more competence, and complement any needs in different areas, like mobile and other types of multimedia productions, but the biggest challenge was to have everybody working together being so far away from each other.

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How long you guys been together now and is the distance still a challenge for the team?

The team was created in April 2008, when I started looking for someone to work with me in some projects and I ended up hiring Sebastien, our motion designer, after he presented to me a video about stop motion on the web that got him a place on the team ... After that we Sylvain got on the team, me and him worked before back in 2007 on a web project where I did the animation and he did the programming. Then we started getting proposals of a lot of different designers that would like to be part of the team, Florent got in when he helped me to make the vouDo! Design website, after that It became more official. And Jean-Christophe came in to complete the team. Now days we don't have a lot of problems communicating anymore, we use skype and emails, sometimes I even forget that telephones exist. The only problem is the time difference between some of us but we try to get around that. And with the clients is the same process. Sometimes the clients feel a need of meeting with someone and when that happens I have to explain the way we work and showing our references they end up understanding and trusting us to go futher with the project our ways.

Now show us some work that you guys done together.

So far we haven't done a lot of projects together but we use the team to gather up our portfolios and get more jobs for ourselves, here are the latest web work we've done, if you check on the website there is a some motion design, sound design, animation and more, we cover all design areas you can imagine.

I hope everyone like my stuff, check out my websites for more work and more inspirations, if anything needed you know where to find me, Thank you.

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