Introducing Freehand from Craft by InVision LABS

In my career, I had many many opportunities to create within a group that were in the same room like a workshop type of thing. Other situations where you are working with a team where they are scattered all over the World through different timezones is on the other hand making things harder though. It’s quite hard at times because we are not in the same room but things have changed with the mighty folks from InVision. Introducing Freehand, their latest from Craft to collaborate in real time fast and flexible at the same time.

With Freehand, you’ll have the opportunity to use it for any project type, collaborate in real-time and mostly on any devices including Sketch and Photoshop. Least but not least, it’s free and being part of the other awesome plugins from Craft.

Freehand is an infinite, collaborative space for your team to work through design ideas in real time. Ideas are driven in part by diversity—how quickly and often can I get this new concept in front of my team, and how easily can they share their feedback?

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• Add artboards or images from Sketch and Photoshop
• Hand off control to your teammate
• Co-draw to share sketches and rough ideas
• Undo, redo, and scale
• Comment to share your feedback
• Save and share your work
• And lots more!

Introducing Freehand from Craft by InVision LABS

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