Introducing InVision Design Manager + Brand.AI Acquisition

Let me start by saying that the awesome folks from InVision are literally on fire lately. In a very good way, they are bringing their tool with more features and changing our way of working in this beautiful industry. Last week, we've featured their latest InVision Studio and now they are back and introducing InVision Design Manager. What is it? It's basically one place where you can manage all UI/UX components with versions, access from both Sketch and InVision Studio, keep code in Sync and a lot more. Let's take a dive!

In their words

Most design systems today are homegrown, leveraging a mix of tools and platforms to manage—this makes them difficult to scale and maintain, especially at the enterprise level. There’s clearly room for innovation and growth in this space.

A leading platform for managing design systems, is one of the most widely used tools for in-house design systems management. Thousands of teams and leading Fortune 500 companies, including Verizon and Zendesk, use to create, maintain, and evolve their team’s design systems. Combining the best capabilities of the product with the power of the InVision platform, we’ve built InVision Design System Manager (DSM).



  • Create a single source of truth: One place to manage all brand and UX components, so teams can stay in sync
  • Design with ease: Access libraries directly from Sketch or InVision Studio to push and pull changes—from assets to deeply nested symbols—all with a click
  • Iterate with confidence: Changes sync to the whole team, and designers can switch to the latest version or roll back changes at any time
  • Manage updates collaboratively: Roles and permissions provide complete control over who can view or edit each library within the system
  • Share with external teams: An automatically generated and customizable web portal lets any stakeholder preview and use design, documentation, and code
  • Keep code in sync: No more manual updates or time wasted tracking down updated specs—developers can use the DSM API to integrate directly into live code
  • Protect confidential information: Enterprise-ready features like SSO, Private Cloud, and more protect your company’s most strategic assets

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    InVision’s DSM isn’t just about smoothing out someone’s workflow, it’s about enabling their voice and allowing them to play a more active role in the process of designing as a team. A good design system should empower designers instead of restricting them, and this tool absolutely furthers that goal.” —Dan Ross, UX Designer, Shopify

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    Introducing InVision Design Manager + Brand.AI AcquisitionIntroducing InVision Design Manager + Brand.AI Acquisition


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