Introducing Invision + UserTesting

We would like to share the announcement of Invision partnering with UserTesting to bring the another level at prototyping with actual user reactions for your app, website or prototype.

It’s something that I have always wanted to bring to my process, it’s super crucial to know how your users engage with your products. Especially when you are in product design and you are working in design sprints and figure out goals to bring the best for your user experience every single update.

Better feedback leads to better products.
Introducing Invision + UserTesting

InVision has partnered with leading user research platform UserTesting, to give product managers, developers, designers and researchers a faster, more seamless way to capture real-world feedback on their app, website or prototype. This new integration allows any of our 2 million users to send an InVision prototype directly to UserTesting and hear what users have to say, via rapid 5-minute micro tests. It’s free for 60 days, with 3 free tests per month after that.

Lots of you are already using UserTesting to gain better insight into your prototypes—this year, InVision tests accounted for 70 percent of prototype tests on UserTesting! By seamlessly pairing InVision and UserTesting, your team has the power to use the tools you love to build even better products, faster—together. Try it free and see for yourself!

How to get started: in just a few steps.

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