LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01

As you may have seen from our social channels, we have been covering the launch of the new car company called: LYNK & CO (via our Instagram) in Berlin, Germany. It has been an exciting ride as that is our first international unveiling for Abduzeedo. As expected, we are now releasing the first official images for what it would be called the LYNK & CO Model 01.

What comes different from them to other car manufacturers from the shopping experience to how you will interact with the car on a daily basis, it will be a whole concept on his own. As we were intrigued about when this will be on the market and at what price? We still don’t know yet but one thing we do know is LYNK & CO Model 01 will be launching first in China and Europe for 2017. The US market will fall shortly afterwards, so more to come.

Some Words

The 01 will be the most connected car in the world. Designed for a modern, urban audience who are used to collaborative consumption and all the benefits that this brings. As consumer behavior changes from valuing experiences over ownerships, LYNK & CO’s new model for car usage directly answers to this need. With our app, and the LYNK & CO sharing community, both the owner and other member-drivers can easily share a car. The open platform also welcomes collaborations with developers and other creative minds to introduce new applications and experiences into the automotive world - Alain Visser, Senior Vice President of LYNK & CO.

The car has a share button, enabling the driver to generate rental income via a shareable digital key. The car owners can remotely grant people access to drive the car. Via the LYNK & CO app they control, monitor and share their car from their smartphone – or directly from their car.

Model 01: City

LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01 

The open API, connected to numerous sensors in the car, and the dedicated LYNK & CO app store open up endless opportunities for third party developers to invent new apps and for users to personalize, enrich and expand the automobile experience. Cloud, platform and online services have been developed through partnerships with Alibaba, Ericsson and Microsoft. In addition, all cars come with a large central touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay, Mirror Link and Android Auto.

Model 01: Sport

  LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01

About LYNK & CO


LYNK & CO is a brand from Geely Auto Group, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group – the owner of Volvo Cars and London Taxi Company. Geely Auto Group is one of China’s largest car manufacturers.

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