Mellbye Visual Identity

Well-crafted design is all about attention to details and simplicity. A successful brand identity is one that employs both a simple yet detailed approach that still highlights the most iconic characteristics. Heydays illustrates this splendidly with the work for Mellbye. The geometric forms translate really well into a clean and simple yet eye-catching logo for an architecture studio.

Mellbye is a well-known architect studio in Norway, founded in 1954. With their mindset anchored in modernism, we created an identity based on a symbol that combines their two main services: architecture and interior.

The image above is a clear example of how strong the form is and the Gestalt behind it. The "M" is very readable despite the fact disconnection of the elements.

Visual identities are much more than a logo. It's a system and it has to be thought out that way. I particularly love the color palette and simple effects, like the emboss on the business card.

About Heydays

Heydays is a Norwegian design consultancy based in Oslo. The focus of our work is developing visual identities, digital solutions and other associated material for small and big clients. Together with our clients we identify and clarify core values to make relevant and tailored solutions.

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