My Week with the Apple Watch

I had the chance to try the new Apple Watch for about a week now and I would like to share my experience with you on Abduzeedo. In this review, I'll share with you my UX experience, and also some of its features.

Model I was using:

38mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Band Sport More Info:…


To put you in a situation, I am a full-time Dad and also working as a Design Lead. On the whole range of available notifications, I wanted to only receive my texts, Facebook messages, emails and phone calls.

User Experience:

It's always exciting to try a new "technology" which you know the developers have spent months and months to build and test. At first glance, the interface is very familiar to Apple products, it's really easy to navigate through all the apps.

What I liked is the fact that you can "customize" your Apple Watch preferences and create a new interface that reflects your tastes through an app on your iPhone (iPhone 6Plus).

I'm sure it was a great challenge to Apple to create an effective interface and especially on a smaller surface. Everything is simple and direct, I think the Apple Watch has a lot of UX movement involved for my use but we adapt pretty quickly.




After a week, I noticed that Apple Watch was useful for:

• Answering the phone on the road • Answering my texts with the help of Siri, which works well in English and French • Keep a close attention on my "Activity" • Taking pictures with the "timer"

I will say that the Apple Watch is great for our small and quick needs during the course of our day but anything that went beyond that, I found myself going back to my iPhone in hand to respond to emails and to do stuff that will be impossible on the Apple Watch. We are still in the first generation of this technology and knowing Apple, we will witness several improvements in the near future.


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