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There are thousands of inspiration sources for an artist, may he/she be a musician, an actor/actress, a painter, or even a designer. Inspiration even surpasses the profession barriers and a painting may inspire a movie director, a picture may inspire a musician, and my favorite, a movie or a music may inspire a designer.

It's everything out there to inspire us. Decades and decades of movies and music, each one in its own style, bringing cultural baggage to fulfill and influence us. It's no mistery that if you are really connected to movies, music, painting, or whatever it may be, it will at some point give you ideas... inspire you. Someone who really likes the 70's will turn to psicodellic art, use those chubby, groovy types, maybe use some disco as reference. In Brazil we call also add the Tropicália.

A person really fond of the 80's (like the Abduzeedo Team), will use lots... and I mean LOTS of neon colors, like shock Pink, make me blind lime green or the panties blue (that's right... panties blue. That's how we call it in Brazil). The 80's games are also a good source of inspiration... Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and all that. Of course, there are Van Halen, Scissor Sisters, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Goonies. God, I Love it. :)

DVNO Video by Justice, clear example of retro inspiration

Retro design will always be out there. Always. And for me the only two things that I can say for sure that are 2000's style, are movies and music. Otherwise, all I can see is retro... in fashion, design, etc. It worries me the possibility that in the future we might be remembered as the decade that didn't have its own, pure culture, something we could place along with the 80's and 90's. Of course, there are a few designers we could say that produce genuine 2000's works, but they are only a few.

Star Wars has influenced lots designers and artists

And I really want to be wrong about it, and I would like you guys to tell me a few things:

Who do you think makes original 2000's art?

What inspires you? A movie, a song an artist? Maybe the Beatles? The Godfather? Van Gough? I don't know, you tell me!!

What is your favorite decade? The shaggadellic 70's? The neon thights big wigs 80's? Or the grunge new kids on the block 90's? We'd love to hear from you!! Cheers!

Some Retro Inspiration

Michael Jackson Moonwalker Poster

Inspiration from the 70's

Final Fight Arcade game

Street Fighter 2 Arcade, a real classic in our memories

River Raid in the Atari era.

Originals 1981 Arcade

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