Photoshop Disasters


Isn't it freaky when you're reading a magazine, and then you notice that the cover model is missing her belly button? Or maybe that foxy red head has got the longest fingers in history? Yeah, that's more common than you might imagine.

Photoshop Disasters is a blog dedicated to... photoshop disasters. There are pages and pages of those freakish images of semi-nude babes that you think are hot... until you notice a third hand... geez, disgusting. Check it out!

Castles In The Air

OMG. That's a three handed lady!!! I wonder if the dude noticed that little detail.


Now we all know that they took the pictures without swords. I mean, why?? That's not to hard to hold a sword during a photo shoot.


Nippleless. If that is even a word.


The title for this one cracked me up: "Model Distorts Space-Time Continuum". Lol.

These are only a few of it. Please, visit the blog to check all the disasters!

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